Welcome from Monica Dorhoi, PhD, MA

Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations

Training and Skills

International Law and American Constitutional Law

Financing of Infrastructure by international banking sector across 6 continents – World Bank Environmental and Social Sustainability Standards/Safeguards

  • IFC Performance Standards, World Bank Safeguards Step-by-Step Processing and Procedures for Regular Lending, Supervision of Safeguards Policies, Use of Country Systems to Address Environmental and Social Safeguard Issues in World Bank Projects.

Financing of climate change

  • Fundamentals of World Bank Operations, Development Policy Lending (DPL), Emergency Projects
  • GFDRR Workshop Training on Operational Aspects of Emergency Projects
  • Orientation Course for New Staff Working on Water; EAP Disaster Supply Chain Management Workshop.

Financing and project management for cities

  • Approaches to Urban Land Development: From Brownfield Redevelopment to Industrial Competitiveness
  • Sustainable Urban Development and Climate Change.

Financing and project management of energy projects

  • Electric Power Systems: Operations and Planning, Components and Basics, and Climate Change Topics
  • Concentrated Solar Power: A new source of renewable energy
  • Privatization in the Power Sector: Power Sector Regulation Securing Investments in Power Sectors under Reform.

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