Training and Skills

International Law and American Constitutional Law

Financing of Infrastructure by international banking sector across 6 continents – World Bank Environmental and Social Sustainability Standards/Safeguards

  • IFC Performance Standards, World Bank Safeguards Step-by-Step Processing and Procedures for Regular Lending, Supervision of Safeguards Policies, Use of Country Systems to Address Environmental and Social Safeguard Issues in World Bank Projects.

Financing of climate change

  • Fundamentals of World Bank Operations, Development Policy Lending (DPL), Emergency Projects
  • GFDRR Workshop Training on Operational Aspects of Emergency Projects
  • Orientation Course for New Staff Working on Water; EAP Disaster Supply Chain Management Workshop.

Financing and project management for cities

  • Approaches to Urban Land Development: From Brownfield Redevelopment to Industrial Competitiveness
  • Sustainable Urban Development and Climate Change.

Financing and project management of energy projects

  • Electric Power Systems: Operations and Planning, Components and Basics, and Climate Change Topics
  • Concentrated Solar Power: A new source of renewable energy
  • Privatization in the Power Sector: Power Sector Regulation Securing Investments in Power Sectors under Reform.