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The Patriots and Super Bowl 51 and their biggest lesson in leadership

Washington DC, January 5, 2017 – This is the story of a champion and why he succeeded when others didn’t.

The story will be remembered for generations. Not because it was easy to get there my fellow Americans, but because those who made it entered the pantheon of immortals.

It is not the win that made history, it is the struggle. It is the generation that made it happened and happened it did.

The quarterback tonight did not just showed power in front of adversity but also showed incredible resolution to withstand it.

We, as Americans, have never been more proud than we are tonight of Mr. Tom Brady and the Patriots team – the winners of the Super Bowl game of 2017.

It didn’t just change all of us but it changed the world. It changed the world as we see it today. And we were left with what others said about it.

It is not the story that matters, it is the man.

It is not a quaterback who made it, it was the nation who asked for more and got it tonight.

It is not now that we know about it. It is and has always been there.

I have never known but victory in my achieved life. It was not because I thought it was unthinkable but because we were too good to accept it.

I never yielded my fellow Americans either.

We are not just the champions, we are the best in every field.
We also celebrated tonight a fellow student that Mr. Tom Brady was to my generation. He loved school and never thought he will not make it.

I never yielded and never thought it was possible to yield to anyone on the field and in life. Not now. Not ever. And Ever it is. Not now. Not tomorrow. Forever. It is forever that it will be so.

I am not just sitting in front of you to tell you a story but to mark history again. It is not just delivering a speech, it is explaining what I think and why it is vital that we advise tonight on the issue. If it is not that that marks ones career than what it is?

What really remains and meant the most for my generation – was the way Mr. Tom Brady received his award and thanked us. Arms open ready to receive our greetings all. And all they were.

The embrace of a man who will have marked my generation and the generation to come forever is to be remembered.

In his own way of saying, we won because we were ready and we were never readier to speak up about it.

It is the time, which makes the man, not serendipity. It is not for the feinted heart to stay down and not speak about what we saw tonight. It was the fight of a generation that has succeeded.

We thought we won’t easy. But we did not.

As a president will say I am not here for my will, I am here by the force of the generation. It is the generation who will judge what made that difference. The difference between a winner and a champion. The victory that marked a generation to their graves. And player in the field of football we were tonight.

I did not come here to ask for mercy, I came as a victor and I remain as such until I shall die. And it is not a mere distinction that I am asking to look into here tonight. It is the win of that generation to make it happen.

Here working for what I was trained by the forefathers of the game. Speaking up about it because to prove to my generation that I have something to say.
Speaking about what we have just won. Not by a margin, but by a narrow faith of sorts. We won because we know the truth. The truth that God and only God knows about it.

But it is not the victory. It is the man.
I am speaking up because I know it in my heart that the truth will come out only that way. The way that our forefathers chose to follow. It is not the duty that made the person. It is the person that made it likely. And likely it is.

Going back to my champion and the grace in face of the reality. The reality is not there, it is here (show the heart).
Not only we have won tonight, we have won for the history of the game.

We have won because we wanted not because it was told to us to win.

We have never asked for more service than the country has asked from all of us when we started the mandate.
It is not the country that makes the man, it is the faith of history that keeps us going.

It is not now that we have known it, we have known it for decades that the country needs a leader that they can follow until they die.

We are legends forever and forever more.

About the author

Monica Dorhoi is Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations and lives in Washington DC.