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Monica Dorhoi, CEO PhD degree in Political Science is from Michigan State University focused Comparative Politics, American Politics, international banking and technology. The expertise is also anti-corruption and political economy. The PhD dissertation changed the international corruption research field by measuring corruption and devising 18 years ago the most comprehensive indicators to measure the impact of the legislation. All the publications are under the name of the World Bank.

Michigan State University

  • PhD in Political Science
  • Graduation year 2005
  • “Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, Michigan State University, Ph.D. Dissertation, July 2005”

Graduate Certifications included University of Michigan (2000-2005, USA), European Studies Program of University of Vienna (2002, Austria), and Center for European Studies of University of Bonn (2002, Germany).


Monica Dorhoi et al. (2013) Results and Performance of the World Bank Group 2012, World Bank Group. Washington DC. Monica Dorhoi has a chapter on crisis in it.

Monica Dorhoi et al. (2013) Income and Asset Disclosure: Case Study Illustrations (Directions in Development), World Bank Group, Washington DC. Monica Dorhoi developed the methodology and gathered the data.

Monica Dorhoi et al. (2006) Anticorruption in Transition 3: Who is Succeeding… And Why?, World Bank Group, Washington DC. It details PhD dissertation research findings.

Official picture of Monica Dorhoi is from the previous talk delivered in the United States Congress on November 6, 2017. See hourly updates posted at mdorhoi.wordpress.com


Paul Manafort investigation…United States Supreme Court Press statement “on the 8 million fee lawsuit”…

United States Supreme Court Press statement in Washington DC (accepted)

“on the 8 million fee lawsuit”: United States Foreign Corrupt Practices case

Washington DC – Monica Dorhoi, anti-corruption and antifraud expert has just briefed the media on the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices case the on the 8 million fee lawsuit lawsuit”.

Thank you to Chief Justice Roberts for the support.

Official picture of Monica Dorhoi released during the talk in the United States Congress in December 2017. See hourly updates at mdorhoi.wordpress.com