Congratulations to Monica Dorhoi for the new assignment. Released to media March 11, 2017 at 4:27 pm EST Washington DC.


Washington DC, March 11, 2017 – Advisor (as Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations) to World Bank Board and World Bank Inspection Panel. Please note that this is a voluntary assignment that Dr. Monica Dorhoi will complete as described. The mandate also encompasses several boards of staff associations at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Dr Monica Dorhoi has served in over a dozen of such committees in last 10 years including for the World Bank Anticorruption/Integrity Unit and World Bank Administrative Tribunal. Monica Dorhoi as a risk, safeguards and anticorruption expert has advised each of the last 3 World Bank Inspection Panel Chairmen. The World Bank Inspection Panel is an independent body that reports to the World Bank Board. The collaboration initiated 7 years ago will continue.

The World Bank Inspection Panel is the most powerful international anti-corruption and antifraud institution in the international financial system dealing with World Bank related investments. “The World Bank Inspection Panel oversees investments affecting over 2 billion people worldwide. Yes, 2 billion people worldwide.”

Statement closed at 4:29 pm EST.