About Monica Dorhoi, PhD

Dr. A. Monica Dorhoi is a risk, antifraud and anti-corruption expert celebrating in 2015 a decade since she was awarded PhD degree in anti-corruption and economics. Hundreds of studies and books have now as foundation the decade of work at the World Bank. (List of publication is available here.)

Her PhD dissertation is called [precise quote]: “Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, PhD. Dissertation, Michigan State University, July 2005”

Dr A Monica Dorhoi has worked on bench-marking the income and asset disclosure standards for public officials in 78 countries. The work is documented in one of the most influential books of the field.

Since 2010, she is also a proud meditation teacher and Chair of World Bank/International Monetary Fund Staff Meditation Club (international staff). The international appointment is one of the highest ranked in the corporate world supporting meditation. Ms Dorhoi often advises at level of Chairmen and Boards of Fortune 500 companies.

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