Press statement on the lessons without meaning…

Press statement at the National Press Building in Washington DC

On the lessons without meaning

Washington DC – Monica Dorhoi, Antifraud and Anticorruption PhD has started a public supreme audit of the technique called “lessons without meaning”.

The press conference on the so-called open opportunities has been initiated this morning at 9:00am EST.

Thank you to the several Bureau Chiefs for the support.



On keeping them honest…

Press statement on fact checking

On keeping them honest

We are checking the facts this morning with several Bureau chiefs

Washington DC – Supreme audit has been initiated by Monica Dorhoi after the press approached her and said:

That Monica Dorhoi is not press ready.

Several United States Federal agencies were notified about the gimmick the media plays on Monica Dorhoi.



Press statement on Mike and Karen Pence …

Press statement on Karen and Mike Pence

This case has been filed with the United States Federal election Commission.

On the latest supreme audit of Karen and Mike Pence complaints against a staffer of World Bank.

Washington DC – Monica Dorhoi has met this morning with the Republican donors and briefed them about the latest statement of Karen and Mike Pence.

We are asking for the resignation of Karen Pence.

The Republican donors are monitoring the situation. Monica Dorhoi will continue to brief them and give them an update.

Press statement

Press statement on the spells affecting Monica Dorhoi

We got them.

Washington DC – Monica Dorhoi has opened a supreme audit and reported them to the media on several individuals that stated:

That they want this person Monica Dorhoi to be rejected in everything that she does.

“That they want this person to not be there.”

“That they want this person to be refrained.”

” I want this person to help my career.”

” This person needs to be rejected again.”

i will continue to look into it.

you are challenging me and I am your Tara – Torkel Karma.

” I want her to be busy while I look into it. With insertition of obstacle.”