Monica Dorhoi, PhD
Washington DC

Bio: Official legally authorized blog of the Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC. The only official and authorized source of information for Dr Monica Dorhoi. Dr A Monica Dorhoi is Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations working in international banking sector. For over a decade, Monica Dorhoi has worked as PhD in antifraud and anti-corruption at the World Bank. Monica Dorhoi has worked for over 18 years in Washington DC serving as liaison to over 50 federal agencies of the United States. Monica Dorhoi attended and guided numerous inter-agency training on trade, international economics, regulatory and international banking. Since 2017, Monica Dorhoi is the CEO and Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations of the Dorhoi International Studies Center of Washington DC. The Center was founded initially in 2014. Dr. A. Monica Dorhoi is an anti-corruption expert celebrating in 2015 a decade since awarded PhD degree in anti-corruption and economics. Hundreds of studies and books have now as foundation this seminal dissertation at the World Bank . All Monica Dorhoi was published under the name of World Bank. Her award winning PhD dissertation is called [precise quote]: “Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University, July 2005” Monica Dorhoi, PhD in Political Science specialized in American Politicsm Middle East, Europe and Central Asia politics and economics. Through PhD dissertation and scholarship, Dorhoi is one of the foremost anti-corruption scholars of the field. Dr Dorhoi is currently writing a book on the 10 billion dollars invested in the last 5 years in the Middle East also using Equator principles. Since 2010, Dr. Dorhoi serves as adviser and board member of dozens of organizations in United States. Dr. Dorhoi's passion is yoga and meditation and has been an recognized as endowed teacher since 2010 by the National Institute of Health of the United States. Ms Monica Dorhoi has received as a gift her Dorhoi Meditation Center of Washington DC as a recognition of her work for over 7 years at the World Bank. Since 2010 Dr Dorhoi served the Chairwoman of World Bank Staff Meditation Club, which has over 800 bankers as members from 40 countries. The Meditation Club is the largest international organization supporting meditation in the international Banking sector and was founded in 2010. The World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club is governed by an international Charta. In 2014 Dr Dorhoi has become the 2014 Ambassador of the American Heart Association delivering about 10 speeches and co-organized over 25 health fair events in Greater Washington DC.

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