Updated Bio for Monica Dorhoi, PhD…

News Release
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August 7, 2017
CEO Monica Dorhoi Press Office
Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC
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Updated Bio for Monica Dorhoi, PhD

Washington DC – CEO Monica Dorhoi, PhD degree in Political Science from Michigan State University was awarded in 2005. Her PhD dissertation has changed the international corruption research field (over 40 major newspapers assessing her research at the World Bank). More than 18 yeas ago, “Monica Dorhoi was among the pioneers of the field by measuring more accurately the impact of legislation” (Council of Europe, 2005).

Title of the Dissertation [exact quote]:
“Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, Michigan State University, PhD in Political Science, Ph.D. Dissertation, July 2005”
PhD degree in Political Science has as expertise or concentrations: Comparative Politics, American Politics, international banking, technology and space policy. The focus is also anti-corruption and political economy.  
PhD degree was also completed at the United States Library of Congress European Room under the supervision of Grant Harris (new Chief of Division).
Coursework includes University of Michigan (USA), European Studies Program of University of Vienna (Austria), and Center for European Studies of University of Bonn (Germany). 
CEO Monica Dorhoi worked for over a decade as Vice President in International Government Relations in international Banking sector in United States on the side of the different international regulatory bodies and Central banks.
Monica Dorhoi, CEO
Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC
Chair of World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club (Since 2010)
202-795-0076 (phone)

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