Hello from Washington DC!

Official press statement on the economic conditions in United States from the office of CEO Monica Dorhoi, Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC

Washington DC – Unemployment is at 4.34% at the lowest levels in decades. In the last 6 months, United States has adopted 1 million USD of jobs” as reported by the New York Times.

Without a doubt that Trump administration is cashing in from the economic policies of the Obama Administration and with Janet Yellen still at the helm of United States Federal Reserve.

Having worked in Washington DC of the last decade without a doubt that the economy continued to stay on a stable path, however the people at the helm are those that are making the difference. Donald Trump has managed to bring in only a sliver or a small number that he needed to truly make a difference in the policy. Thus it is simply not Donald Trump who has kept the markets and propped them to keep going forward.

Without a doubt that the inertia has continued in terms of economic conditions and stable economic policy of the last 8 years.

I remember vividly when we were sitting around a table at the Aspen Institute in Washington DC in 2008 as the Barack Obama administration was slowly setting in. It was a great amount of enthusiasm and people were so proud to serve the incoming Obama Administration.

Many images capture and continue to capture the 8 years of the Barack Obama administration, none more vivid than the moment when the administration set in.

Images of high ranking officials from the Bush Administration were antsy to prepare to leave Washington DC also come to mind.

In my career I have witnessed many take overs of power, what political science designates as historical changes and my upcoming book is exactly about that. The level of enthusiasm although sometimes high at entrance can wear out soon if not sustained in all f the United States Administrations.

The Obama administration has been in power for over 8 years and although a black administration maybe no so ambitious as the previous administrations – and I wilkl write more about it.

Picture is from Main Street and depicts the now famous sculpture of the girl defying the markets. 



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