Congratulations to the new cast of the movie Dunkirk!

Thank you to the whole cast of the Dunkirk movie!

Washington DC – Few days ago, Monica Dorhoi, CEO of Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC was awarded on Capitol Hillas the result of a ceremony on the First World War, one of the most precious awards the United States Army could have awarded her.

The official recognition by the United States Army and army leadership have awarded that day for the  Rgabizers of the event, the highest medal for service.

Last night Ms Dorhoi has attended a private viewing of the new movie Dunkirk that depicts the year 1940 of the Wold War ll.

“In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk” was stated on the big screen of the movie theater.

The new facilities of the Georgetown AMC movie theater are outstanding and the movie was sold out in all of the movie theaters were the movie was scheduled to play.

The first impression of the movie theater was that it was a very human and vivid depiction of the event. “There is a lot of water in that movie” said gaspingly Monica Dorhoi. What truly shocked me was how untested some were of the war machines and destroyers were and how much misfiring was happening.

“At the time there was no true value put on returning the solders back home and the incredible unnecessary carnage was everywhere. The confusion among the troups depicted to serve was also great. You almost wanted to enter the movie and try to fix the war story that they were depicting” continued Monica Dorhoi.

Thank you to the wonderful movie.

Below are enclosed pictures from the World War I celebration on Capitol Hill.



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