Hillary Clinto pay your political dues…

News Release
For Immediate Release
July 22, 2017

CEO Monica Dorhoi Press Office
Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC
(202) 795-0076

Hillary Clinton pay your political dues

Washington DC – Monica Dorhoi working on Antifraud and Anticorruption expert called on Hillary Clinton pay your political dues.

Dr Dorhoi third book published at the World Bank in 2013 with title the Results and Performance of the World Bank Group 2012. Dr Dorhoi has a chapter on crisis
in it.

The second book was published in May 2013 at the World Bank with title Income and Asset Disclosure: Case Study Illustrations (Directions in Development). Dr Dorhoi developed the methodology and gathered the data. The book is a development of her dissertation.

The first book was published at World Bank in 2006 with title Anticorruption in Transition 3: Who is Succeeding… And Why? It details Dr Dorhoi PhD dissertation.


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