Thank you to our younger children…

Official statement from the Office of Monica Dorhoi, CEO abd President of Dorhoi International Research Center in Washington DC

Washington DC – Thank you for the amazing opportunity to meet today with the leaders of the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders.

The unwavering support of the National Institute of Health and the National Eye Institute for the Global Foundation is very palpable at the event.

As Ambassador of the American Heart Association (2014-15) Ambassador of the American Diabetes Association (2016), I have previously many institutions that serve children, truly the most vulnerable of beings.

Children we love you and we want you to grow strong. Today I am starting our own initiative to support children’s rights to learn and study in great school. The schools of tommorow.

All children should go to school as long as they want to, that is the goal of my support.

We are the parents and we have decided today to support our future not from tomorrow onwards but from right now onwards.

Schools are not optional they are a requirement and all school should have books.

That is what I am asking for you today to do. We need as parents and we will not stop until we get it. We will have books now in every school, in every classroom, on every child’s desk.

There are many things we need to care about for a child, our child to succeed. Many. But one thing of all – before all that I look at- did they have the books in their classroom on time? Do they have them every day today, and tomorrow, and the day after.

That is all I want for them.

Thank you for your attention. So help us God, this day of Sunday.


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