Hello from IAMCP WIT

Update from Washington DC

Currently I am the Co-host of a major event with Women in Technology IAMCP. Over 10,000 women are attending the event and I am the Washington DC contact for over 4 years.

Below are pictures and a link to several articles.

For over a decade, I have been the greatest supporter of American “women who code” or women who work in technology.

Many thank for mentioning my work.

Monica Dorhoi, CEO

Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC


202-895-0076 (phone)

Official pictures from lunch in the Walter E Washington Convention Center

Press statement from Microsoft Press Center at the Walter Washington Convention Center

Thank you to the organization of Women in Technology IAMCP.

It is with great joy that women who code and this organization were spotted by myself about 4 years ago and we started collaborating.

It was maybe an insight of the movement that I spotted the potential of the IAMCP WIT organization.

Microsoft Inspire is the largest tech convention in the world right now.

Thank you once again for the invitation to Christine Bongard, the Co-Chair. Thank you for her steadiness in leadership.
Microsoft Inspire

Washington, D.C.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center 

July 9–13, 2017



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