Congratulation to Qlik Federal Summit…

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We are attending right now (June 6, 2017) the largest business event on data management in the federal government and private sector. The Qlik Federal Summit.

  • Discuss trends rapidly transforming the world of visual analytics within the federal government
  • Share how they’re using data discovery to optimize agency performance
  • Take a deeper dive into Qlik solutions to reduce costs, deliver higher value to citizens and improve your ability to meet your mission.

The event is held at Ronald Reagan International Center in Washington DC.

My PhD dissertation at Michigan State University supported the creation of the Data Acts and standardization best practices around the World.

In Washington DC, I am one of the biggest co-organizers of the 2016 Data Act events because of my research.

Pictures are from the event.


Let me know how I can be of help.

With trust,
Monica Dorhoi
Dorhoi International Studies Center of Washington DC (just founded)

Vice President Monica Dorhoi
Risk Management and International Government Relations


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