News Release
For Immediate Release
March 23, 2017

Vice President Monica Dorhoi Press Office
(202) 795-0076

Vice President Monica Dorhoi thanks the men and women serving the United States Navy and the United States Armed Forces.

Washington DC – Vice President Monica Dorhoi  joyfully thanks the men and women serving the United States Navy and United States Armed Forces.

For over 2 decades Ms Dorhoi has been the greatest supporter of the Navy.

“I wrote many speeches and this is one of them. I will never stop serving the United States and its people. I will not stop believing that we Are here on earth with a purpose and tonight I was shown just that.

That service is honorable and that we are the greatest. We are the greatest and greatest forevermore.

I was raised to believe that the Navy, the United States Navy, that is always wins. And it wins forever more.

We have not solved the problem of going to war but we will solve it.