Vice President Monica Dorhoi thanks President Donald Trump and Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff…

News Release
For Immediate Release
March 14, 2017

Vice President Monica Dorhoi Press Office
(202) 795-0076

Vice President Monica Dorhoi conference call at the White House

Special thanks to President Donald Trump  and Reince Priebus, the Chief of Staff.

Washington DC – Vice President Monica Dorhoi spoke with President Trump of United States of America at the White House. Following the call, Vice President Monica Dorhoi has issued the following statement:
“Thank you to this great President. It is an honor to write to you tonight and to thank you for the support. The Chief of staff is an inspiration of good work for all of us. Thank you t all the assistants in the office including Mallory.

We are very proud of resident Trump and we wish you all the White House staff all the best. More than people realize President Trump is very responsive to letters and he really takes into account and reads the correspondence that he gets by email on an hourly basis. This is not a joke. He is a very savvy person. If you have an issue and if you write to him.”




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