Personal note from 2016 Annual Meetings World Bank and International Monetary Fund

News Release
For Immediate Release
March 10, 2017

Vice President Monica Dorhoi Press Office
(202) 795-0076

Personal notes from the October 2016 Annual Meetings of World Bank International Monetary Fund in Washington DC

Two countries were at the forefront of the presentation seminars – Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil has its own standing events through the Brazillian Chamber of Commerce, however it was very much the focus of the Morgan Stanley, PNB Paris Bas, JP Morgan, to just cite a few of the events.

The Centeral Bank of Argentina has also had a strong push that weekend with similar presentations.

For me the meetings are a tribute in the memory of a beloved Titan in the world of finance: Andrew Crockett.

My attending the Annual Meetings of the international banking event have taken place in the last 18 years and many of the Bretton Woods officials refer to myself as: ” You have grown up since you were a child at the Bretton Woods meetings.”



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