Thank you to Financial Services Roundtable!

Official informing of thanking Former Governor Tim Pawlenti of the Financial Services Roundtable for organizing 2017 Spring Meeting. Statement released on March 9, 2017 at 9:01 am EST Washington DC.

Thank you to the Government Affairs Council of the Financial Services Rountable!

Throughout my day I get to meet the most accomplished officials of every field. Literally every field that come to the Nation’s Capital to visit or to speak to their government.

Today and every day, I am celebrating decade, I mean a decade of work in Washington DC. It was not easy. It never is easy, but the satisfaction and awe has never stopped growing and growing by the day.

Washington DC is one of the most eclectic and sophisticated cities to understand current affairs and politics. Nowhere in the world there are more powerful institutions of research concentrated and working with a federal government. It is true that the competition is fierce but it is not that what is the most important. It is very applied research and knowledge.

Washington is truly the most amazing of the cities that promotes more freedom around the world than any other cities. It is proven.



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