On my economic updates …

Original article by Monica Dorhoi

In the last few days I have attended in Washington DC all the economic events that we Washingtonians are routinely invited to.

Here is what I found.

Washington believes that President Donald Trump economic policies or rather the economic changes that he has requested up to now are not the true answer to the economic wows of the country. Not yet at least.

Here is why.

The administration in the first few months has decided to adopt a stance of “let’s see up to where the economic policies” of Obama went up to now and how they overlap with the Republican agenda.

It is simply not what republicans stand for. That was not the mandate. The Republicans have right now to show fresh and real talent that will match the policy experience of 8 years of Obama Democratic administration.  Obama did decimate and pushed aside the Republican experts of the last 8 years. Naturally, they did not have the opportunities they needed to grow and get the exposure they need. Many Republicans experts that I know left soon after Obama won in 2012. The best of the field. And they are not coming back.

The Republican thinking needs to be updated at the level of 2017 to show results. True results. Lasting results. That you can televise.

The political prediction is that the faith of the Republican agenda in the long-run will be decided in about 1 year and half when the election for the United States House of Representatives will take place. The historical prediction is that the Republicans will lose the House and if they do, the second term of Trump administration is highly unlikely.

At this point in time, my prediction is that President Donald Trump will never run for a second term because of health issues. It will be virtually impossible to run [President Donald Trump.] It will be up to Vice President Pence to take on the mandate and the agenda forward.

As political scientist I predict that there will be a very-heated debate on how to go forward. Stay tuned.








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