Jobs, jobs, and more jobs ….and upcoming economic trends

Original article by Monica Dorhoi

Washington DC is very busy this time of year. Obama appointees and staff throughout the city are leaving and the Republicans are bringing in new staff. The city landscape is changing for sure. In more than one way we imagine.

Statistically during the Republicans years, the city was more vibrant than it is now and it could be even more vibrant in the future. The public functions during Republican years are more numerous and glamorous than during Democratic ones.

It is without a doubt the staple of the Obama administration to have a city for all version of Washington DC.

The only indicator for the economic  policy that I am looking at is the number of monthly jobs created.

The main issue that truly makes a difference to all and aggregates all the issue relates to jobs, jobs, and more jobs. This was the only issues I ever spoke and wrote to Jason Fruman when he took office at the White House to lead the Council of Economic Advisors early in the second term of the Obama Administration.

I rememeber when I first suggested to the White House and the Office of Vice President Mike Pence that they need to look only at this issue as the main indicator, they were busy writing speeches on other topics. Nothing to truly answer the question of how to create the actual jobs and what the timetable for seeing them in reality.

The administration of Donald Trump is coming to power after a very-well organized admnistration of Barack Obama who was a professor at the University prior to joining the service. The American public immediately felt the difference among the different approaches and clearly is sanctioning Donald Trump for it. Long into the future.

This has yet to be corrected.

The most hillarious for all of us Washingtonians was to learn that when the democratic administration left the White House they so much so cleaned the White House that the Republicans in Donald Trump camp could not have even found the light swtiches on the walls.

A favorite mentors of all time – Lt. General Brent Scowcroft recalled informally that one night while he was serving the President when he left – he was so upset that he took the safety pin of the electric pane and left the White House overnight in complete darkness. It was a way to remind the President – he recalled – that he served the country who was paying the electricity bill not himself. Washington DC is full of legends and highly accomplished such civil servants that inpire me to live my dream and get better achieving it.




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