On religion and why do I think is important …

Speech! Speech!

On my religion and why do I think it is important.

Original text

My fellow Americans it is with great honor that I get to speak today about the relationship with faith and what does it mean to the family.

Every Sunday my father would take us ( my sister and myself) to church. I was barely 6 years old. We would quietly stream down the streets of our small town in Eastern Europe to get to an orthodox Church. It was under the most brutal of the dictatorships that ever existed. I was barely 6 years old but fully aware of the meaning. Fully aware of the sense of justice and greatness that the father wanted to learn early on.

The greatness of being fully in the moment and respect one’s own religion and freedom of expression.

Soon after being 14 years old, I would leave house for a very elite French boarding school. I would never return back to those childhood times. The school will always be a wonderful refuge, a Hogwarts of sorts, where we would experiment with writing and open ideas. It was a natural development and greatness came out of it.

Although I was born Orthodox [religion], I always worshipped in churches that opened their door no matter were Catholic, American Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalisn, Buddhist, or simply evangelical. The way the message was conveyed play a role in career and future.

Soon after I would leave for France, Germany, Austria and England to continue studies and career. We were elite maybe, but all young offsprings of the middle class would follow the same route.

I always had a sense of foreboding or a sense of destiny that life would get better if I get involved.

There was always an awareness that greatness was making it happen to all of us.

Although the education was very secular, my relationship with religion evolved in a very positive direction.

The greatness of what I was going on was in the greater wisdom of being.

My relationship with the leaders of the church worldwide is also known to all of you. Thank you to the World Bank.

As time will go forward, a wiser self – the wise mother of all beings- would emerge.

Religion evolved into a way to understanding life as it went along. It is not the sense of higher justice that would fascinate me to this day but rather the sense of wisdom and true contemplation of the nature of things.

For many religions Jesus or God, the savior, who will bring the best in all of us with their work and teachings. But it was not what religion was meaningful or why I was supporting it. The change came from inside. God was inside all of us.

The quietness prone to develop the inner wisdom of churches and Monarchal that draw to religion.

My church in Foggy Bottom for over a decade is St John’s Episcopal Church.

The church is frequented by every president of United States of America. Each president has a customized pillow with their name inscribed on it. They use it during the service.

How amazing to see the schedule of President-elect at the time Trump pray the day of the inauguration before joining the United States Congress.

Below is an excerpt from the official Presidential Inauguration book on the day of January 20, 2017.

8:30 a.m. Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and their families attend a church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, where every president since James Madison has attended.



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