Original Speech tonight at the 2017 Oscars Academy ceremony

Speech tonight at the 2017 Oscars Academy ceremony in front of the audience

Original text

When greatness is here.

Tonight my fellow Americans we have witnessed greatness in best of its forms.

Greatness released in front of our eyes.

And we shall remember it for the rest of our lives. Until we shall die and beyond.

It is the moment that made it happen.

It is tonight my fellow Americans that we have witnessed the best our movie industry has the offer to the world and beyond. The greatest ceremony of the world is here.

This is the best image of our country in our times. We have made it happen here tonight.


It is a moment of greatness and joy.

A moment that will be remembered forever.

All our favorites have won and have won for the history. They have have won the right to tell us what to watch and what to expect from the future.

The movie making industry is at the cross relations ads without a doubt.

We all know it. We have tried to stay ahead and we did. Most of it. But it is not easy. Times have changed tonight my fellow Americans as we have won with the best movies we have made up to now.

We have won what others have not dared to Believe even it was possible. The right to call what happened to us tonight and beyond tonight…the greatest moment in movie making history.

The story shall begin now as I recall that Moonlight a movie about struggling class and its bettering the best of our time. Moonlight is not a story to remember it is a story to be written. A story that begins in a Neighborhood far away from the world we are now. A neighborhood full of hope and challenges. Challenges that did not go away until the end of the movie.

Other movies are also in display but this is the movie that makes history tonight.

We live in very different times now. Times great and small for everybody. We times are coming to Washington too. I want your get involved. Not in a way small, but big like none has seen before.

To help me and all of us to finish the work we have already started. The work to change our country for the better. All of us.

The actress of our time that has shown prowess is Emma  Stone she is the greatest for us all and I would like to thank her for her full support for our cause here described.

The actor that shall be remembered tonight for the greatest achievement of our time is that he faced difficulties like myself to get to where he is here tonight. That is why I am supporting you Mr Ryan Gosling.

Let’s not forget Damien Chazelle the winner in the category best producer. It was the best category of the evening we liked it because it was the most visible of the night.

We are not staying still. We are writing to everybody tonight about it.





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