On aging care and assisted living today: what we need to know…

Official informing of Monica Dorhoi attending LeadingAge DC event titled C-Suite Panel: The future of Aging Services Leadership at George Washington University on January 25, 2017 at 10:07 AM

Ms. Monica Dorhoi informs you of personally supporting the agingcare and assisted living of American People. This is not only for Americans at duty but it is also for Americans in care:

And we love them as they have threaded with us the road.

My event that I attended today and that I need to speak with to you about is called titled C-Suite Panel: The future of Aging Services Leadership at George Washington University.

And I need to speak to you about it my fellow Americans because this is a cause very close to my heart. The need for care for elderly as aging care and assisted living support has never been greater.


Thank you to my organizer the LeadingAge DC of Washington DC and this University for hosting me now and forever.

I shall be remembered as a good Ambassador of a great cause because we took this great endeavor, great as it is, and made it better.

We do not have just obstacles to the aging services industry but also the lack of funding for it.

Having the right skills is important as you know and it was certified today that we have not all acquired them yet. If we will remains to be seen.

“They are looking for so many years of experience and many types of experience” said Shaun Servais to all of us in a heartbeat.

My mind started wondering quickly why Americans have difficulty in getting that experience and how crucial that is.

We need to inform the potential interested at any training level including at high school level.

“Plant that seed from the high school to the students that will pursue the career path in aging-care and assisted-living care” continued expert Mia McFarland, the Administrator of the Asbury Methodist Village and the next speaker. We were all confidant that we will make it.

The field has yet to remain as it is.

“To get the right experience to get into the field and continue the career path in the field remains a challenge,” continued Joshua Bagley, the Administrator of Goodwin House Alexandria.

“For myself finding the right entry experience and the right internship for a position was a real challenge” said Joshua.

Lauren Sims of Falcons Landing found that it was not easy to enter into the field either. It was like taking chances too.

Ms Monica Dorhoi as the 2016 Official Ambassador of American Diabetes Association and 2014-2015 Ambassador of the American Heart Association also spoke about the challenges she saw as Ambassador of this honorable Association.

My knowledge of what is going on in the field is from organizing and attending over 25 health fairs and education lectures in the main assisted living homes and communities and federal agencies of the Greater Washington DC area.

Hope you will join in and support us showing you more about the event.

The speakers and event were so engaging that I want to work with them, said Dorhoi.

“As Vice President Risk Management, I shall support the field as long as I live and I highly recommend the investment community to support the following aging-care and assisted living communities that spoke today about their experience,” continued Dorhoi

Personally allow me to thank Ashburn Methodist village of Gaithersburg, MD, the Armed forces retirement forces of Washington DC, The Goodwin House of Alexandria, VA, and Falcons Landing of Washington DC.



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