On advising Donald Trump – the new President of the United States …

Official informing of Donald Trump, the new President of United States.

Washington DC – January 22, 2017

Dear President Trump,

For over a decade, I have served the Presidents of World Bank.

Here is an advice that I share in all trust:

This is the number 1 issue for the new Administration:

Reassure the country that we are on the right path;

Reassure and reassure and reassure.

Reassure it now, reassure it then and reassure it for tomorrow.

Application: indefinitely.

Rationale for intervention: At present moment we have a strategy to ignore the previous administration. Although ideologically correct we can increase inadvertently animosity and resistance towards the new administration policies.
We have right now a needless resistance that we are coming against.

New Solution for the country:
Emphasize and use only the”let’s look at what they have done” strategy.

– This will help psychologically the country.
– This will reassure the country that we are on the right path.
– Emphasize it more. Now and Always.

Practical advice on how to approach the meetings: In any meeting do not ignore the previous strategy (if that means the Obama Administration, we take it) that the country knows it. The key change in approach to the new solution is to start always with “let’s look at what they have done”.

Time needed to change and see a truthful change: over 6 months to 1 year switch ideologically to our republican and Donald Trump agenda.

The best advice I ever received that I share with all my CEOs:

Always, always take staff that you are comfortable with. And only that staff.



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