Official informing on my being a parishioner of Holy Trinity Church in Washington DC

Official informing of Monica Dorhoi schedule on January 22, 2017 at 10:34 am EST Washington DC.

Speech delivered during the service is attached below.

The informing is for everybody to see.

Ms Monica Dorhoi has attended the service at Holly Trinity Chuch in Georgetown and congratulated Father Kevin Gillespie for the wonderful service.

Holly Trinity Chuch is the foremost catholic Chuch in Washington DC and has served the longest the catholic community since its foundation in 1797.

Several presidents have considered Holy Trinity Chuch as their parish including the American President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Vice President Joe Biden, and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Official speech at Holy Trinity Church

Special thanks to all my fellow parishioners and to Holy and Almighty God,

I was raised in true Christian faith as a true Christian and I remain a Christian until I shall live on this Earth.

There is no such thing as doubt, when doubt arrives because of my faith.

I remained committed to my faith and I come back to it every time I am thinking of all of you.

We are not here at random, we are not just doing our duty as parishioners because we believe that God is on our side, we served and we serve in faith: for a better America and for a better country for our children.

We are here in the greatest country
in the world and this is nothing but through hard work and steadiness of path that we have been here and we will continue to be here.

We have nothing to lose in staying in this path, but all to gain.

It not the conviction it is God.

We are not just believing in our faith, we believe in you Mr President.

So help me God.




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