On Turkey and on tragedy of the modern times

On Turkey and on tragedy of modern times

Official statement of Monica Dorhoi, Antifraud and anticorruption expert in Washington DC on January 4, 2016 at 6:34 pm EST.

Monica Dorhoi mourns today the loss of life in Turkey, a key ally of the United States in the region.

A loss of innocent life is not yet counted for shall never be forgotten by the United States.

An ally tested by everybody against all odds and power. It has not yielded not yet and shall never be resigned until the response – my fellow Americans – is appropriate.

Thank you to the Maryland American Turkish  Association for their note.

The tragedy shall not remain unpunished not now, not ever. It shall not be forgiven to those who did it -not now not ever.

I will not yield to use of violent means to gain and support political power – not now or ever.

Response is not here. It is there in Turkey and will remain as such for a long time. We hope we shall be remembered as being appropriate for the situation as it was presented to us today.

We are not involved in their search but we are to be we will prove to them that they are wrong. Not now.Forever.

Thank you to all Presidents of the World Bank Group for their work.

So shall remain with all. God be with all of us.


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