Thank you Satoshi Ogawa WashingtonDC Bureau Chief of #Yomiuri

‪Just in… Interview with Satoshi Ogawa the #WashingtonDC Bureau Chief of #Yomiuri, the largest Japanese newspaper. See article‬

(original article)

‪It was March 22, 2016 when I first visited the Yomiuri Newspaper Washington DC bureau for a meeting with its staff.‬

‪A lot of smiles greeted me as the Japanese journalists reported on the latest electoral campaign.‬

‪In Washington DC, one of the best organized country representation is that of Japan. ‬

‪Without a doubt, it is both the commitment of the journalists and the Japanese government to better explain the Japanese way of life that brought them here.‬

‪The fascination with the United States by the Japanese people only increased during the 8 years of Obama administration.‬

‪Thank you to Satoshi Ogawa the Washington DC bureau chief of Yomiuri newspaper for guiding my work.‬


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