Interview with Pablo Pardo the WashingtonDC Bureau Chief of El Mundo newspaper

‪Just in… Interview with Pablo Pardo the #WashingtonDC Bureau Chief of #El Mundo newspaper. See article‬

(original writing)

‪For over a decade I admired journalists, finally I decide to be more straightforward about my thinking and become one.‬

‪The best approach to my new journalism and reporting was in fact to look at the most important voices around interview them.‬

‪Here is what I found.‬

‪Although my premeditated approach worked most of the times, I have also ended up with very vivid impromptu interviews and conversations.‬

‪In interest of my polishing my journalistic skills I report on both as seen by myself at the time.‬

‪One of my favorite journalist to interview is Pablo Pardo, the Washington DC bureau chief of El Mundo, the largest Spanish newspaper.‬

‪Since Mr. Pablo Pardo has become a friend and a person of great interest for my anticorruption work.‬

‪Although much has been written about Pablo Pardo work, he remains an inspiration to my work.‬

‪See the previous columns that I wrote about his work here (click).‬


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