Interview with Elizabeth Bumiller, the Washington Bureau Chief of the New York Times

‪Just in…Interview with Elizabeth Bumiller the #WashingtonDC Bureau Chief of the #NewYorkTimes.

Washington DC and the future of our city life

Today I was thinking how can I surprise my supporters and all the sudden picked up the phone and called an old acquaintance of mine Elizabeth Bumiller, the New York Times Bureau Chief in #WashingtonDC to speak about it.

I spoke with her a few minutes with Elizabeth and she said everything that I needed to know.

Elizabeth Bumiller is linked to my work on foreign policy and women
through the discussions and panels at the very renowned Women in Foreign Policy think tank in Washington DC.

We both supported WFP for over a decade. Often times our passion would bring us to spend many hours thinking about the issues of the day like the war in Syria, Iran freeing of hostages or simply just about ourselves.

Women in Foreign Policy remains one of the foremost think tanks in Washington DC because of participation on the most heated debates of our times.

Although the topics are surely of importance, what I truly want to capture with this column is the atmosphere -eclectic and exquisite of the Cosmos Club that is surrounding us in panels and events.

What truly stays with me is that I never stopped believing in the power of ideas and the people we meet at the WFP events.



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