My common link now with Jackie Kennedy …

True story. I live next block from the house where Jackie Kennedy grew up. #georgetown

Furthermore, I am living two blocks away from the house on N Street and 33 Street where First Lady Jackie Kennedy and President John Kennedy lived.

Last night December 24, 2016 I personally confirmed with the current residents of the house their living there.

Recently I have seen the movie Jackie and with this article we are looking from my point of view of a Vice President at the World Bank at her story.

This article is also a review of the movie Jackie (2016) – an exquisite description of what happened on November 22, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

Jackie-the way she were: A review

My first reaction the night of seeing the movie is this account that day of the blog.


First of all, I will present my reaction at seeing the movie. Second, I will present why this story is relevant to our lives.

The latest movie Jackie does present the story of what happened from the point of view of the First Lady at the time Jackie Kennedy.

Without a doubt, the enforcer and the promoter of the Kennedy story was Hillary Clinton or that the latest film was commissioned if not by the  Hillary Clinton camp request if not with Hillary Clinton camp approval or endorsement.

The key in any biographic movie like Jackie (2016) was, the number one question is whether it describes the political reality and cronological history of the historical event and all its details faithfully.  I think that it does do justice to its historical times.

Jackie – the movie – offers a very vivid and personal account of the Private drama affecting Mrs Kennedy at the time of the death and assasination of President John Kennedy.

Natalie Portman has done a fantastic job to picture Jackie Kennedy.

What truly impressed me at the time -and a new example is the scene where Jackie and Lyndon Johnson decide on the details of the funeral and Jackie announces her decision to walk outside next to the carriage carrying the body of the former president John Kennedy.

Throughout the movie solely the character of Jackie is the focus, her husband John Kennedy is hardly ever developed as a character. It is indeed a feminist story that the movie describes with all its pluses and minuses.

Ever since I was small, the fascination and the story of the Kennedy Era was also followed closely by my family. During the PhD degree studies we had the amazing opportunity to go more in depth and of course study from the scholarly point of view.

This article is written on the Christmas Eve of Saturday, December 24, 2016 in Washington DC.




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