Launch, launch, launch …

Launch, launch, launch…

Original writing by Monica Dorhoi

“15 minutes later into the launch that’s when it all happens. Up to that point we do not know if the launch of the Japanese KOUNOTORI 6 vehicle system was a success” said the highest-ranked official of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Washington DC.



“The speed of the Japanese KOUNOTORI 6 vehicle model H-II was fluctuating erratically 8 minutes later into the flight” I observed worried on the monitor.

“The Japanese vehicle needed to get to 5000 m per second quickly” I said to myself if it was a success.

And it did reach that speed about 20 seconds later. The monitor showed a delayed speed of 5123.00 miles per second. It stabilized.

“The Japanese vehicle contained a cargo of supply consumables for astronauts living in ISS and experiment devices for all international partners” explained beforehand the official JAXA spokesperson in Washington DC.

“The Japanese vehicle also contained six lithium-ion batteries to upgrade the ISS electrical system” explained the official JAXA spokesperson.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) team considered the mission of normal difficulty and broadcasted the live launch of the KOUNOTORI 6 cargo transportation from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

15 nations are involved in this mission of Friday,December 9, 3016 that launched the H-IIB Vehicle HTV6 (KOUNOTORI 6) to the International Space Station (ISS).

We arrived at the JAXA office in Washington DC at 7:18am EST. The pre-launch briefing is from 7:45 am EST. The official rocket launch is scheduled for 8:26 am EST.

The best MBA students in my school and class at top-ranked MBA program of the George Washington University Business school also attended the launch.

The Japanese launch team considered all the time that it was nothing to worry about. And everything went smoothly indeed. So, my MBA class did join in.

Before the launch, we have received a short presentation and synthesis of the whole launch mission and what to expect during a launch which took place in the middle of the night Japan time.

Why this launch was important?

The headlines of the Day of December 9, 2016 captured the death of a pioneer in the field of space exploration. The natural death at age of 92 of John Glenn the American astronaut. The first American astronaut to fly successfully into orbit was John Glenn presented at the time to the public.


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