On the 2016 election for president of States of America

As a political scientist working on elections for over a decade the election tonight was very clear. The Politically science and the political scientists wanted to know more about it. The calculated call of official in the precinct was to stay in the game. It was already 1:30 am EST.

Let’s go with the ballots that are in the box.” The Official Call was requested at 12:00 am EST by the precinct official. “It would favor Hillary Clinton as they belived they had the votes, the official in the precinct thought.”

11:46 pm EST – We have not started the counting of ballots in the boxes. Remained the official call of the official in the precinct. It was responded positively by everybody, the official in the precinct continued.

11:48 pm EST – Trump wins Georgia came the expected projection on CNN. The official in the precinct refused the expected call.

The Trump did not have the operation on the ground. The Trump some sort of ad campaign a la superball.

“I wanted to run an election campaign for a week. That is what I would like to do.” Trump campaign was thinking.

It is not yet regulated that type of campaign the Trump’s run was the call of the anticorruption political scientist Monica Dorhoi.At least not yet” she continued.

Only Hillary had the operation on the ground, we kept on thinking.

Ballots ballots are in the box, what we have are predictions.

The Federal Election Commission does not yet choose any side. 12:03 am EST. Official call.

Trump will carry Iowa the expectation came at 12:08 EST. Official call as  response by the official in the prescient was that we are not interested.

Hillary should reject the calls. That will be smart. At 12:09 pm EST. Official call from the official in the precinct.

We continue to call to look into it. At 12:10 EST Official call by the official in the prescient.

Trump had the idea to run a super-ball like campaign for a week. “That is why I decided to run.” I mean he thinks. Official call from the official.

12:29 am EST it is a technical call. Second official to the official in precinct.

I simply did not understand what was happening. Why technical. I challenged it.

CNN slowed down the election coverage at 15 votes when 85% votes were in for the state of New Hampshire. In other words Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton in the election in New Hampshire.

12:34 EST Nevada. We are carrying the vote of Nevada.

Look at the ballots pigs. Official call note came at 12:40 EST

We need 18 hours. 18 hours plus. Official call to look into the ballots.


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