On investing well today…

Latest investment advice…Invest in companies producing medical devices and utensils used by cardiologists. Huge shortage predicted going forward.

Great progress was made in their quality and development of training and this, qualifications a medical staff needs to be able to use them. A good surgeon always says: the first cut is vital to the success of the surgery.

Over 8,000 of the world’s cardiologists are attending the 2016 TCT conference of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. It is the largest international convention in the field.

What to invest in the market?

The strongest of the calls that I am making this year is to invest in the companies that produce medical utensils cardiologists  use in surgery and workroom.

Thank you for supporting me and the field.

Several favorite brands are highlighted below and are part of the showroom at the 2016 TCT of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.



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