Heart disease … Heart disease I am here!

Heart disease….Heart disease I am here!

Original article by Monica Dorhoi
2016 TCT conference of Cardiovascular Research Foundation in Washington DC

This article is part of a series of articles as the 2014-2015 American Ambassador of American Heart Association and why should you care about it.

In May 2014, I started working with the American Heart Association as Ambassador. Later that July, my first outside education AHA events were organized for both the public and experts on prevention of heart disease. My focus is the link or the causal relationships between meditation and preventing strokes and heart attacks via wellness programs.

A few years earlier I took my first CPR training and I found it very useful. But the training that I received as Ambassador for AHA was unparalleled to anything that I have receive before or ever since. The responsibilities as Ambassador are also great.

The article details the work as Ambassador attending about 25 Health fairs of the federal and international agencies and companies in Greater Washington DC area that year. The participants were employees of institutions and health fairs intended to bring in the best experts in the field to educate on healthy diet and habits including on detecting and managing diabetes and heart disease.

The agencies also included the United States Department of Defense agencies.

“Thank you to our brave women and men in uniform serving everywhere.”

One year later after my term as Ambassador ended I attended the 2016 United States Department of Veteran Affairs workshop on innovation in healthcare for veterans. One of the solutions was surprisingly meditation and wellness. Although this is nota surprise to many, the tone of conversation was very different.

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs workshopwas offered downtown Washington DC and the room was packed. The amazing part about the United States Department of Veteran Affairs workshop is that it was offered in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton. During the event openly Booz Allen Hamilton recognized and promoted mindfulness meditation as wellness solution.

Why should you care about it?

The Department of Veteran Affairs of the United States provides healthcare to former or retired officials and their families in the United States Armed Forces.
The novelty is the fact that meditation classes fee is reimbursed by the healthcare plans and advice is given on what is a good meditation program and the physician is willing to accept that mindfulness meditation can be. Meditation was in the workshop spoken of as a valid solution with positive impacts on the healthcare of patients.

Each of the articles in the series will detail what we have found and what our experience were in the public events. Without a doubt it is a memorable experience, which gave me some of the fondest memories to date.

Serving a year later in 2016 as Ambassador of the American Diabetes Association came as a natural evolution when graduating.

Soon after I realized that being American Ambassador of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) working on a pandemic as the diabetes is would not be the same as working on heart disease with my American Heart Association experience.

The American Heart Association has a much more targeted focus and is much better managed organization than ADA and I got to find out that very soon.

Updates on the story are posted several times a day at the Official website of Monica Dorhoi mdorhoi.wordpress.com


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