Congratulations to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!

Advice for Hillary Clinton: Personal notes of reflection

Congratulations to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the performance in the debates tonight.

As a political scientist the electoral debate is the perfect time for a reflection as to what America really is or means to myself and others.

A few weeks back, I ended up giving an inspirational talk to a community of retirees right outside Washington DC. It is one of the wealthiest retirees communities around. It felt really good to see the level of care and attention they were receiving.

Without a doubt they were very well treated, although deep down in their hearts they missed their families and children. At that time of day, on Wednesday afternoon they were in their work place.

These communities’ influence is growing rapidly and will continue to grow as the population ages. These are the diehard political followers of the debates tonight for decades.

For them, Hillary Clinton is the preferred candidate that most likely understands their issues and in the long run her policies will help them the most.

The smartest strategy in the debate for Hillary Clinton is to be policy-informed and to attack Trump on issues.

The smartest policy for Trump is to continue to explain his issues and rather not attack Hillary personally. He needs to sound more like a centrist. He needs to continue to be gallant and explain the issues. That is how he takes the votes that the Democrats have. And races forward.

Good luck!

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