2015 American Ambassador of American Heart Association …

2015 American Ambassador of the American Heart Association

September 19,2015 in Washington DC event 

See previous entry posted on September 20, 2016

Dear all,

We just attended Alfred Baptist Church Health Fair in Alexandria, Va. It is on King Street close to the Alexandria Harbor and marina. We will be having Tuesday night classes here.

I have attended as Sr. Meditation teacher and led several meditation practices and classes today. The meditation practice focused on breathing meditation and mindful eating sessions. At the fair we had allocated a room for meditation, which was good. See the pictures below. They were taken before the students arrived. Several practicies were led throught the day.It is the second year in a row that we got invited. Thank you for the honor. Thank you to Nana Kusi Mensah and to the former organizer (year 2014) Mrs. Tressie Goodsman.

The highlight of the health fair were of course, the free health screenings, including diabetes that were completed by several generous providers including Walgreens and Kaiser Permanente. I am personally very grateful of MedStar Health insurance and hospitals networks. They are considering me as an example of good health and, why not an Ambassador. We love you MedStar.

We are now waiting for testimonials and feedback from students.

All weekend long, the Meditation Club is involved in event organizing or just being a guest of several events.

Tomorrow morning we are attending the Dupont Circle Freshmarket Fair. For over 2 years we have collaborated to make it happen. The FreshMarket is supporting out meditation classes and we are now distibuting meditation event flyers.

This Community Health Fair was underwitten in a collboration between the World Bank/IMF Staff Meditation Club in Washington DC, the Alfred Baptist Church of Alexandria, and the Meditation Center of Washington DC.

With trust,

Dr. A Monica Dorhoi

VIce President Risk Management and International Government Relations

Meditation Alfred streetmeditation 2

Pictures taken today Saturday September 19, 2015 in Alexandria, Va at the Alfred Street Baptist Church Community Heath Fair


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